Broaching Machines Process Description

Function: What does it do?Types of tools for broaching machines

Broaching machines use tools made of multiple teeth to push and/or pull along a surface, cutting a set amount of material in a set shape. A broaching machine is basically a combination of a saw and a planer. It can be used to cut a shape in a single pass or as a way to finish surfaces.

Application & Benefit: What can I use it for? Why will it help me?

Due to the simplicity of the machine movement, broaches can be highly accurate and provide superb repeatability. They are often used for high production runs. Broaches can handle high volumes very quickly because the roughing cut and the finishing cut are often done in the same pass.

Broaching machines are also very versatile, able to cut in many different shapes, both internally and externally.

Common Industries 1
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Firearms
  • Locks
  • Defense
  • Mining Equipment
  • Energy Production
  • Medical
Common Processes
  • Keyway cutting
  • Spline cutting
  • Internal gear cutting
  • Transmission shafts and other automotive components 2

Process: How does it work?

The broaching machine serves to move the broach itself back and forth against the workpiece. This can be done either vertically or horizontally, internally or externally. Broaches may have any sort of shape, as pictured above, and can be either flat, cylindrical, or irregularly shaped.

Whatever their shape, each tooth of the broach is longer than the previous one, so that it cuts slightly deeper into the workpiece.

broach for broaching machines

Push Broaches are vertically oriented, where force is applied downward into the workpiece. 3

Pull Broaches  can be either vertical or horizontal, and the workpiece can either be stationary or pulled along the broach like a cheese grater. 4

Internal Broaches need a starter hole, but are otherwise very versatile.

Surface Broaches are specialized broaches used for making flat or contoured surfaces. 5 The amount of material removed may be extremely small.

Major Manufacturers of Broaching Machines

American, Detroit, Federal, Ty-Miles




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