Magnetic Deburring Process Description

Function: What does it do?magnetic deburring

Magnetic deburring machines remove light burrs from non-ferrous parts--usually parts too small or delicate to undergo other deburring operations. Rotating magnets move small stainless steel pins around the bowl of the machine, rubbing them against the parts being deburred. Rather than deburring each part by hand, an operator can run a magnetic deburring machine to process large batches of parts unattended.

Application & Benefit: What can I use it for? Why will it help me?

The process works best on small precision parts with light burrs--defined as those burrs that can be removed with a fingernail. In order to avoid damaging the parts, these burrs are usually removed by hand or with small tools, a process which can take hours of intensive labor. But the magnetic deburring process removes burrs from the entirety of the part, including internal cavities, blind holes, cross holes, and threads. In this way, it is very similar to thermal deburring. As long as the magnetic pins have a smaller diameter than the holes in the part, they can reach anywhere.

This process, since it functions by way of the brushing motion of the small magnetic pins against the parts, also shines and polishes the parts. There is no residue left behind so there is no need for an extra step in the process to clean the batch of parts.

Finally, there is no need to laboriously sort through parts as the rotating magnets underneath the bowl will also separate the ferrous from the non-ferrous material automatically. The magnetic action and the shape of the pins ensures that, unlike other deburring processes, no media is left lodged inside the parts.

Process: How does it work?

A rotating magnetic sits underneath a bowl. This bowl is filled with small stainless steel pins, which come in various sizes. The operator then puts in the batch of parts to be deburred and covers the parts and the pins with water. Finally a small amount of soapy cleaning solution is added.

When the magnet begins to spin, the pins move frantically in all directions, brushing against every surface of the non-magnetic parts and simultaneously deburring and polishing the whole batch. On average, an entire batch of hundreds or thousands of parts can be deburred in the time it might take to debur one part by hand.

When the cycle is complete, the whole mixture of parts and pins is poured into a strainer and placed back onto the magnetic disk. When the disk starts again, all of the magnetic pins are drawn out of the strainer while the parts remain. Since no residue is left by the pins, no further cleaning or rinsing of the parts is required.

The videos below show the mechanism for magnetic deburring and a step-by-step cycle runthrough.

Major Magnetic Deburring Machine Manufacturers

Techniks USA (Earth Chain sPINner), Genevieve Swiss Industries (GenSwiss magnetic finishing system), Pritic (magnetic polisher)