Mandrel Tube Bending Machine Process Description

The purpose of a Mandrel Pipe Bender is for the volume in a bend of an exhaust system to remain the original diameter of the pipe. Mandrel benders prevent flattening.

Traditional pipe benders loose about 25% of the volume in the bend causing a restriction and limits the volume of exhaust traveling through the system. Therefore a 2 1/2 inch pipe is reduced to 2 inches.

The "mandrel" portion of the "Mandrel Pipe Bender" is a probe that remains in the bend as the pipe passes by, maintaining the volume. This procedure keeps continuity in exhaust flow which results in more horsepower.

The Mandrel Bender does NOT allow for re-bends as does the Traditional Press Bender.

NC Mandrel Benders are extremely accurate to .1 degree and being NC costs less upfront money than CNC.

NC mandrel benders use a numerical controller that stores the called upon program and controls, the bender functions and bend angles for that specific program. There is an operator who assists in moving the tubing to the next bend location and rotating the bend to the next plane of bend angle required.

NC mandrel exhaust bender is perfect for producing turbo, air intakes, headers, exhaust and chassis for race cars, marine, or for out fitting semi trucks.

CNC Mandrel Benders are computer controlled, coupled to hydraulics and servo motors that control the entire bend process once the tube is put on the machine.

These machines are perfect for large bend houses, hydraulic suppliers, automotive, furniture manufacturers, and much more.

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