Watch: Fives Cinetic RK 350-20 Twin Grip Style CNC Centerless Grinding Machine Walk-through

Fives Cinetic RK 350-20 Twin Grip Style CNC Centerless Grinding Machine

This Fives Cinetic CNC Centerless Grinding Machine is one of the many types of high precision CNC grinding machines manufactured by Fives.

New – 2010
Year Commissioned – 2013

-Landis 6400 CNC Open Architecture Control System. Machine Control Logic
Executed by ISaGraf JEC-1131. Soft PLC, Grinding Software,
Sercos Fiber Optic Interface, Microsoft Windows Operating System.
Siemens Simatic Flat Panel, Touch HDMI.
-Spare Grinding Wheel Spindle
-Thrufeed Workrest 20″ (508mm) with (6) Work Blades
-Thrufeed Grinding Wheel Truing Cam
-(2) Sections, 7′ Long Bar Grinding Attachment with Supports
-Regulating Wheel Truing Cam
-Machine Documentation

Check out this video from the Liberty Machinery YouTube channel featuring this machine:

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