Watch: Kellenberger 1000U Universal Grinder Walk-through

Kellenberger 1000U Universal Grinder, Three-Wheel Design

Kellenberger 1000U Universal Grinder

The Kellenberger 1000U Universal Grinder is a Hardinge grinding system.

- Fortuna Internal Grinding Spindle (17,000 RPM) Model FIV 80R250.44,
3-5/32" Bore, Belt Driven with Guard
- Heidenhain DRO for In-Feed of Cross Slide and/or Table Slide Movement
- Heidenhain LS 403C Scales
- System Precision +/- 0.005 mm/m, Switchable for Diameter or Radii
- Micro-Correction for Tailstock for High Precision Corrections of
Cylindricity or Taper on Workpiece - Range +/- 0.006"
- Sine Bar Attachment
- 12", Size 300 Radial Pole Division Type Permanent Magnetic Chuck
- Table Mount Single Point Dressing Device
- Arboga-Darenth 1020 Paperband Coolant / Clarifier Unit
- Hydraulic Connection for Tailstock
- Set of 3" Removable Risers

Check out this video from the Liberty Machinery YouTube channel featuring this machine:

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