Dust Collector Process Description

What does it do? How can I use it? Why will it help me?

A dust collector does exactly what it says: it collects dust and other particles from the air. Many of these particles are too small to see but can accumulate over time and cause harm to workers. Dust collectors ensure clean air and not only the health of a shop’s employees but the overall cleanliness of the space.

Some collectors, like mist collectors, can also recover valuable fluids or substances such as oil or lubricant from the air.

Most obviously, dust and mist collectors help you avoid OSHA citations and keep your air breathable. If your dust is flammable, dust collectors also help prevent explosions.

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Process Description: How does it work?

A dust collector separates particles from clean air, storing the particles and releasing the clean air back into the environment. But the way this is done can vary widely. Some dust collectors use centrifugal air flow and funnel-shaped chambers to press particles against the sides of the chamber wall, while others force air upward through increasingly fine filters. For these baghouse-type collectors, machines are also categorized based on the way in which dust is removed from the filters–either through vibrations, electrical pulses, or even sound. This is called dry scrubbing.

Alternatively, a fine mist might be sprayed from above, mixing with the particles in the air and dragging them down into the collection area. This is known as wet scrubbing.

The videos below illustrate the mechanics behind the two most common types of dust collector.

Major Dust Collector Manufacturers

Aercology, Donaldson Torit, Trion, MicroAir

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