Environmental Test Chamber Process Description

What does it do? How can I use it? Why will it help me?

An environmental test chamber is a means of gauging the durability and performance of a product, whether in order to analyze failures or stresses for further engineering or as a means of quality assurance. While most environmental testing simulates changes in temperature or humidity, chambers can also test electrical shock, pressure, UV exposure, and even the effects of the spray of sea salt.

Test chambers may be used by any company making products that have to endure the wear and tear of the real world, but environmental testing is especially common in the defense, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics industries.

An environmental test chamber may also deliberately “test to fail” and use the data gathered to generate further engineering modifications. Manufacturers may be able to discover the areas on a component most likely to wear down through repeated motion, for example.

Test chambers can help reduce warranty claims, increase the efficiency of components, and ensure the safety of consumers and end-users.

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Process: How does it work?

Each environmental test chamber will work differently based on the sort of testing being done. Different types of heaters and refrigerants will be used for temperature or thermal shock testing, for example, and even these elements will change based on the range of temperatures under simulation.

All test chambers will include an enclosed area where the objects under analysis can be isolated from the surrounding environment and undergo controlled testing. They will also include readouts and controls for changing the test cycle parameters. Most of the time, an access port will be included, which allows sensors and wires to be attached to the objects within the chamber. These will provide the important data about how the object responds to each type of test.

Major Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturers

Associated Environmental Systems, Blue M, Grieve, Qualmark, Thermotron

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