LASER Cutting Machines Process Description

LASER Cutting is a form of sheet metal shape cutting.  Without a traditional “tool” the cuts can be very small and precise. This process also allows for part engraving or etching using lower power LASER settings.

LASER machines are available in two basic machine design types: Hybrid and Flying Optics.

Hybrid –  The term Hybrid is used when a LASER machine moves the material or table in one direction and the LASER focusing lens in the other.  This design type utilizes less moving parts for the beam path delivery system and thus typically requires less maintenance while providing more and consistent cutting power at the LASER cutting head as there are less mirrors, focal lenses required. Flying Optics – The term Flying Optics is used to describe machines that do NOT move the material on the bed of the LASER, rather the LASER itself literally “flies” over the material. This design offers the highest rapid rates, acceleration and possible cutting speeds while being of a slightly more complex design.

Materials Processed: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steels, Sheet Plastics and Wood

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