Machining Center-Graphite Process Description

A high speed graphite milling machine for electrodes. Unlike hard die milling, the process design when machining graphite is less critical.

Graphite machining centers not only bring speed, accuracy and flexibility to the machining of graphite, but most models can also machine other materials, including steel and castings. They are high precision and high-speed milling machines. Some machines have capabilities to dry machine steel and castings. Ideal for making high-accuracy graphite electrodes used for machining small molds for mobile phones, digital camera components, IC molds, connectors, and engineering plastics.

Liberty Machinery Company has used machining graphite centers for sale – LeBlond Makino SNC106-A5, Graphite Package, Professional A CNC. This machine is categorized as M0185 for Machining Centers.

Used Graphite Machining Centers in stock: HH Roberts, LeBlond Makino, Topwell

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