Milling Machines Process Description

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Milling Machines move a workpiece into a fixed cutter, or a cutter into a stationary workpiece in vertical or horizontal directions along X, Y and Z axes.

There are several basic types of milling machines. Vertical milling machines (VMC) have a vertical spindle, similar to the drill press, but with an X-Y table that permits positioning the work.

Horizontal milling machines (HMC) also have an X-Y table for workpiece positioning; however, the cutters are mounted on a horizontal arbor across the table.

Universal milling machines (UMC) can be used for either vertical or horizontal milling. The spindle head articulates to allow for either type of milling operation.

Gantry milling machines are used with large workpieces. They allow for articulation of the spindle as needed for 5-axis and 6-axis milling machines.

Machining centers are machine tools that are used to repeat operations automatically. Most machining centers are computer numerically controlled (CNC).

CNC milling machines are programmed with a set of commands called G-codes and use CAT (V-Flange), BT or HSK tooling.

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