Multi-Axis CNC Super Abrasive (CBN) Grinding Centers Process Description

Multi-Axis CNC Super Abrasive (CBN) Grinding (abrasive machining) is a process by which minute chips of material are removed using irregularly shaped abrasive particles made of Cubic Boron Nitride.

Multi-Axis CNC Super Abrasive (CBN) Grinding process is performed when a spindle with a grinding wheel attached is rotated at high speeds and comes in contact with the work piece. The multiple axes of cutting are achieved by a combination of manipulations of the spindle and table. Cutting fluid is sprayed on the cutting site to keep the work and tool cool, clean, and lubricated. Multiple axes and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) enables very precise machining to be achieved with only one clamping.

Multi-Axis CNC Super Abrasive (CBN) Grinding is especially suited to grinding of extremely hard, high-speed, super-alloy (exotic alloy) steels which need to be machined into complex shapes.

Industries where Multi-Axis CNC Super Abrasive (CBN) Grinding finds many applications include arms, automotive (gears), aerospace, medical, and power generation industries.

Multi-Axis CNC Super Abrasive (CBN) Grinding machine manufacturers and models include:

  • DMG/Mori Seiki; NVGH-6T/6TC, NVGH-22T/22TC, NVGH-12T/12TC
  • Haas; Multigrind AF, Multigrind CA, Multigrind CB, Multigrind HT
  • Holroyd; 1EX, 2EX, 3EX-R, 4EX, 8EX, GTG2, TG50E, TG150E, TG350E, TG350E-XL, Zenith 400
  • Max-Tek (formerly Edgetek); EMC 5AX, AGC-100, STC-200, STC-300, STC-300 ATC, STC-400, HGC-400, HGC-500, HGC-800, MAX-510, MAX-710
  • Toyoda; GF32, GF50, GC20, GC32, GL32, GL50, PV640J
  • Norton and 3M make CBN grinding wheels

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