Puckmaster Metal Chip Pelletizing/Briquetting System Process Description

Metal chip pelletizing systems are the leading chip waste conversion equipment in the industry today.

The patented process used by the Puckmaster MCT175 system involving shredding the metal debris, forming briquettes or solid pucks, then filtering and pumping the recovered fluid into a reservoir for reuse is an industry standard.

Companies generate otherwise lost revenue by converting loose wet chips into dry solid pucks, which cut labor handling costs, reclaims all coolants/cutting fluids for reuse, and virtually eliminates all EPA hazardous waste exposure in disposing of the metal chip waste.

Cost savings are bountiful with the prices for the recycled pucks or briquettes as produced by the Puckmaster system showing more profit than the loose chips. There is a significant volume reduction and the costly coolant is recovered for reuse.

Liberty Machinery Company buys and sells used Puckmaster Metal Chip Systems.

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