Thread Rolling Machines Process Description

Modern thread and profile rolling offers many advantages in the production of a wide range of solid and hollow components, compared to traditional metal cutting methods.

Threads and profiles are stronger, consistently accurate and there is no swarf. When solid components are produced, the form is rolled from a blank with a smaller diameter than the finished piece; with hollow products the starting diameter can usually be maintained or allowed to increase as required.

There are different versions of the standard Two-Roll machines for solid workpieces, capacities from 10 to 125 tons, with variants for Spline Rolling and Valve Straightening. Three-Roll machines, used for both solid and hollow components, have pressures ranging from 10 to 100 tons and variants include Tube Fin Rolling machines up to 80mm diameter – and a 48-ton Five-Roll machine for rolling large diameter thin-walled tubes.

The Burnishing and Lapping machines provide high quality superfinishing on precision products up to 165mm diameter.

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