Tube Bender Machine Process Description

Tube and pipe benders are machines that bend solid metals into tubes and pipes.

Types of Bending:

Draw Bending is the most commonly used method. Work is clamped against a bending form which rotates, drawing the piece through a pressure die, and if needed, over a mandrel. This method is the most versatile and offers best control of metal flow or small radius and thin wall tube bending.

Compression Bending is a method used on bending presses as well as some applications. Work is wrapped around a stationary bending form by a moving wipe shoe. This method is sometimes desirable for bending rolled or extruded sections. Metal flow is not as well controlled as in draw bending and is not practical for mandrel bends when there is more than one bend in a piece.

Rolled Bending is a method commonly used for bending round coils that are sometimes cut and the ends joined to form rings. It is impractical where there is more than one bend in a piece and is usually limited to heavy walled tubing and large radii over six times the tube diameter. Control of springback and angles is difficult.

Stretch Bending: Entire workpiece is stretched longitudinally beyond its elastic limits and then wrapped around a form. This method reduces springback more than any other, but usually works slower. It is primarily applied in industries that form large irregular curves in sections that do not require mandrels.

Automatic Roll Extrusion Forming is accomplished by controlled pressure being applied to the inside diameter of the workpiece by a rolling head rotated within its bore.

A work roller, which comes in and out of the rotating head, exerts forming pressure causing metal to extrude. Since the tool pressure is greater on the bottom of the workpiece, a bend is in an upward direction in the plane of maximum forming pressure.

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