Tube Expander Machines Process Description

Tube Expander Machines (Vertical & Horizontal)

Expanders come in all sizes, from single tube expanders to large horizontal expanders for your largest coils.

The Vertical Mechanical Expander is designed specifically for the production of high-quality heat exchanger coils. Its short cycle time allows for both mass production environments and flexible, short run situations. The Vertical Expander can be customized in many ways. A standard expander package may include the following: Compact Design, Standard Lift with Fixed Enclosures, Self-Storing Backplates, Rod Short-Out System, Final Expander Support Mechanism, Coil Eject, Hydraulic Cooling System (Oil to Air).

Horizontal Progressive Expanders use a small bore hydraulic cylinder to expand tubing in a heat exchanger coil. Single Tube Expanders consist of one cylinder that expands a single tube at a time.

Single Hairpin Expanders typically consist of 3 cylinders arranged in a triangular pattern so that both legs of any hairpin may be expanded at the same time.

These machines are very versatile, and can be set up for different coil configurations in just a few minutes. They are also capable of providing very high expansion forces for expanding stainless steel and other exotic tubing materials.

Liberty Machinery Company also buys and sells used tube expander machines. Classified as T6653

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