Automated Finishing 2H-36 Two-Spindle Finishing Machine - #23713

Liberty Machine # 23713 Category Make

Serial No. 2322
New - 1991

Floor Area Requirements..............6'6" L x 4'6" W x 5' H
Work Tray.............................................40" H

The Model 2H-36 Spindle Type Finishing Machine is composed of the following
major components: (1) The Rotating Tube that carries the finishing media; (2)
The Two Spindle Supporting Heads; (3) The Two Spindle Assemblies; (4) The
Structural Base; and (5) The Electrical Controls.

The rotating tub measures 36" wide in diameter by 18-1/2" in depth and is
fabricated of 3/16" steel plate of all welded construction with the tub bottom
further reinforced with structural channels. A 3" wide section of the tub at
the bottom periphery is perforated and covered on the O.D. with fine mesh
screen to allow continual drainage of liquids from the tubs interior.

The tub is mounted on the vertical output shaft of a heavy-duty gear reducer
driven by a 15 HP variable speed drive unit for 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle
operation with a tub speed of up to 1200 SFM (Surface Feet Per Minute).

The spindle support heads are fabricated of heavy section structural steel
members and are rigidly gusseted to provide an integral rigid unit capable of
maintaining positive alignment of the spindle with respect to the rotating
tub. Raising and lowering of spindles is accomplished with an air cylinder.
Spindles are adjustable through a 20 degree range fore and aft of the flow of
material in the rotating tub and from 0 degrees to 20 degrees from
perpendicular to the outer periphery of the tub together with 3-1/2"
horizontal extension.

Texas Instruments Series 305-O5B Programmable Controller
ATC Spindle Counters (2) Each Forward & Reverse
Control for Variable Tub Speed with Digital Tachometer

*Preliminary Specifications Subject to Verification.

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