Hydraulic Corner Notcher E.G. Heller Versafix 254 | 9 Ga. x 9.8″, 11 Ga. SS, 6 Ga. Al – #50833

Liberty Machine # 50833 Category Make

Hydraulic Corner Notcher E.G. Heller Versafix 254

New – 1988
Serial No. VV254518
– Mild Steel…………4mm (9 Gage)
– Stainless Steel…………3mm (11 Gage)
– Aluminum…………5mm (6 Gage)
Blade Length…………9.84”
Table Height…………30”
Nominal Table Dimensions…………31” x 25”
Strokes Per-Minute…………50 SPM
Electrics……………220V-440V/3Ph/60Hz – Currently wired for 440V
Weight – Catalog…………1,550 Lbs.
Hydraulic Corner Notcher E.G. Heller Versafix 254 EQUIPPED WITH:
Fixed angle 90° Work Blades
5 HP Hydraulic System
(2) Protractor Angle Stops, Steplessly Adjustable in in Length and Degrees
(2) Blank Holder Guides
Working Table with Grooves and Scales
Front Finger Protection
Front Clippings Ejection
Rear Stop Bar for Cutting Sheet Metal Strips
Footswitch Operation

*Preliminary Specifications, Subject to Verification.

A hydraulic corner notcher, also known as corner notching machines or corner cutting machines, are specialized tools used to create precise notches or cuts in the corners of sheet metal or plate materials. These machines are commonly employed in industries such as HVAC, metal fabrication, and construction.

Corner notchers typically consist of a sturdy frame with a notching unit and a worktable. The notching unit is equipped with a cutting blade or punch that is precisely positioned to create the desired corner notch. The workpiece is securely clamped onto the worktable, allowing for accurate and repeatable notching.

A hydraulic corner notcher will offer several advantages. They enable the efficient creation of clean and precise notches, ensuring accurate fitting and assembly of sheet metal components. These machines are versatile and can handle various materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

By automating the notching process, corner notchers increase productivity and reduce labor costs. They provide consistent and repeatable results, reducing the potential for human error and rework.

Overall, a hydraulic corner notcher is a valuable tools in the sheet metal industry, facilitating the precise and efficient creation of corner notches. They contribute to improved productivity, accuracy, and quality in metal fabrication processes, allowing for seamless assembly and enhanced final products.

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