Sunnen ML-2000-DF | 6.7″ Strk, 6.5″ ID Manual & 4″ ID Pwr. Strk, Auto Size, ’12 – #50907

Liberty Machine # 50907 Category Make

Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machine ML-2000

New – 2012
Serial No. 1L1-1532
Timer Hours – 68.7

Diameter Range (ID):
– Manual Stroking…………0.060″ – 6.50″
– Power Stroking…………0.060″ – 4.00″
Automatic Sizing…………1.25″ – 2.00″
Stroke Length…………0.236″ – 6.70″
Spindle Speeds (Infinitely Variable)…………200 – 3000 RPM
Stroke Rate…………60 – 350 SPM
– Spindle…………3 HP
– Stroker…………1 HP
– Pump…………1/3 HP
Coolant Flow…………3 GPM
Coolant Capacity…………28 Gallons
Pneumatic Requirements…………80 PSI
Electrical…………230V/3Ph/50/60 Hz
Dimensions – Approximate…………64″ x 48″ x 75″ H
Weight – Approximate…………1875 Lbs.

Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machine ML-2000 EQUIPPED WITH:
– Auto Size Control Capabilities (Less Assembly/Probe)
– Auto Stone Wear Compensation
– Feed Regulator System
– Feed Pressure Flexibility
– Universal Workholding Fixture
– Detachable Coolant Cart
– PF-150 Coolant Filtration System
– PF-150 Coolant Cartridge Filters (4)

*Preliminary Specifications on Subject to Verification

Metal honing on the Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machine is a precision machining process used to improve the surface finish and dimensional accuracy of metal parts. It involves the use of abrasive stones or diamond tools to remove small amounts of material from the surface, resulting in a smoother and more refined finish.

The metal honing process begins with securing the workpiece, which can be a variety of metal components such as cylinders, bores, gears, or tubes. The honing tool, mounted on a spindle of the on the Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machine, is then passed back and forth along the surface of the workpiece while rotating or reciprocating. The abrasive stones or diamond tools mounted on the honing tool remove material through a combination of cutting and grinding action.

Metal honing on the Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machine offers several benefits in manufacturing and metalworking industries. Firstly, it improves the surface finish by eliminating roughness, machining marks, or imperfections. This enhances the aesthetic appeal of the part and can also improve functionality by reducing friction and wear.

Secondly, metal honing can achieve tight tolerances and precise dimensions. The honing process on a Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machine allows for fine control over the amount of material removed, ensuring that the final dimensions of the part meet the desired specifications. This is particularly important for parts that require a high level of accuracy, such as engine cylinders or hydraulic components.

Click HERE and HERE to find out more about honing.

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