SV-500-S2 Vertical CNC Sunnen Hone | 3/4″-12″ Bore, 30″ Stroke, 2012 – #50239

Liberty Machine # 50239 Category Make

Serial No. 1H1-1004
New – 2012

Bore Diameter Range…………19 – 300mm / 3/4″ – 12″
Workpiece Length – Maximum…………23″
Spindle Motor…………15kW / 20Hp
Spindle Speeds…………0 – 300 RPM
Honing Carriage Stroke Motor (DC-Servo)…………7.5kW/10Hp/3,000 RPM
Honing Carriage Travel (X-Axis)…………762mm / 30″
Stroke Reciprocation Speeds (Depending on Stroke Length)…………1 – 160 SPM
Dimensions – Actual…………97″ L x 67″ W x 128″ H
Weight – Approximate…………5,443kg / 10,500 Lbs.

Xycom ProFace CNC Controller (Windows)
Fully Enclosed Work Area w/Shuttle Table For Loading/Unloading
Automatic Integrated in Process Air Gauging/Sizing
3-Axis Handwheel Allows for Fine-Tuning of Vertical Stroke, Honing Tool Position, and Column Position
for ease of Set-Up.
Capability to Dwell in any Part of the Bore, Selectivity Removing Stock, Delivering a True Constant Crosshatch
Pattern, Throughout the Entire Length of Bore.
Auto-Dwell Feature Corrects Bore Geometry and Size Automatically
Linear Feed System
Royal Mist Collector

*Preliminary Specifications Subject to Verification.

CNC vertical honing is a specialized machining process used to achieve precise surface finishes and dimensions in cylindrical workpieces. This honing method is specifically performed on vertical honing machines that are equipped with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, providing automated control and precision.

During CNC vertical honing, the workpiece, typically a cylinder or bore, is secured vertically and held in place. The honing tool, attached to the vertical spindle, is then programmed to move in a controlled manner along the length of the workpiece. The tool’s movement, speed, and pressure are precisely regulated by the CNC system.

The CNC vertical honing process offers several advantages. Firstly, it ensures consistent and repeatable results, as the honing parameters can be programmed and replicated accurately. This eliminates human error and enhances the overall quality and uniformity of the honed surfaces.

Secondly, CNC vertical honing allows for improved efficiency and productivity. The automation provided by the CNC technology reduces manual intervention, speeds up the honing process, and allows for simultaneous honing of multiple workpieces.

Furthermore, CNC vertical honing provides greater flexibility and versatility. The CNC system enables the creation of complex honing patterns, such as crosshatch or spiral, with precise control. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and workpiece materials.

In summary, CNC vertical honing is a highly precise and efficient machining process that delivers consistent and high-quality surface finishes. It offers the benefits of automation, improved productivity, and flexibility, making it a valuable technique in various industries requiring precision honing of cylindrical workpieces.

Click HERE and HERE to find out more about honing.

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