Watch: Extrude Hone 8/6 Vector Abrasive Flow Machine Walk-through

Extrude Hone 86 Vector Abrasive Flow Machine

Extrude Hone 8/6 Vector Abrasive Flow Machine

Abrasive flow machining is a process that improves surface finish and deburrs using abrasive particles. In this process media is applied to the workpiece at high pressure, making control a crucial component for any abrasive flow machine. This Extrude Hone 8/6 Vector Abrasive Flow Machine excels in its ability to control media flow rate, media type, media temperature, as well as pressure and volume. 

This machine is equipped with:

  • Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Media Chiller (Heat Exchanger System)
  • Push Button Control Panel
  • Media Displacement Counter
  • Cycle Timer Counter
  • Books and Documentation

Check out this video from the Liberty Machinery YouTube channel featuring this machine:

While this Extrude Hone 8/6 Vector Abrasive Flow Machine has been sold, we are always adding new machines to our inventory. If you are interested in a abrasive flow machine, fill out this form and we'll email you when we have one for sale.

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